“I’m Gonna Buy A Bigger Machine”, Cynthia Morgan Responds To Her Range Rover Getting Stolen

Cynthia Morgan’s Range Rover was stolen weeks ago at a compound in Omole Phase 1 in Lagos and it was being reported on some blogs that the singer was currently jumping taxis as she had no vehicle to move around with.
Gosh Nigerians! Is there anything wrong with using taxis though…
Cynthia isn’t one to take any “negative” news lying down and she
has hit back at the reports about her moving around in cabs.
She told her haters that she would not only get her car back but she’s getting bigger and better cars.
Cynthia honey there’s no need to be defensive! There’s nothing wrong with taking cabs.
Read what she had to say after the jump
    Hahahaha JOKERS?? Oh this was you guys plan??????it did not work oo ?…GODHELP YOU ALL…BTW AM GONNA GET MY RR BACK AND BUY MORE AND BIGGER MACHINES.thanks to everyone who is bin showing love and concern…Thank God for the gift of Life…JAH GAT ME ? #IAMGREATFUL#LIFELESSONS#TRUSTNOMAN#NEWLEVELNEWDEVIL#GODPASSTHEM