Working Separately Has Improved Our Relationship, Peter Okoye On Current State of Affairs With His Brothers

Peter Okoye is updating fans on the current state of affairs with PSquare especially since their epic fight a few weeks ago.
Peter who is also known as Mr P the solo artiste is currently in Dubai where he performed last night as a solo act said in a message to his fans that working separately has helped the
relationship between his brothers and himself.
He also asked his fans to wish them all the best and to get used to their current modus operandi.
Read what he had to say after the jump
    My prayers tonight!?????? God bless my hustle and may he bless yours as well! Here I stand! And for those talking! Keep talking we would have probably married the same wife for una mind. Go and hustle for your own fuel?. This is ours. We r still together and We r both entitled to do separate project. And we are not complaining. Working this way has brought peace back to our family. God bless my hustle, your hustle, my brothers hustle all the way! Just wish us best??. Get use to it thanks for love and support fans. Peace. #MrP #MisterP #lookIntomyEyes
    #soundcheck #dubai #upcomingArtiste???